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George W Bush spoke these words just days after September 11th, 2001:

"Just three days removed from these events Americans do not yet have the distance of
history. But our responsibility to history is already clear. To answer these attacks and
rid the world of evil"                                                                           
George W. Bush
Americans are now acquiring that 'distance of history' in regards to 9/11/01.
These Americans, including numerous individuals from other countries,
have taken it upon themselves to travel that 'distance of history'. They're
answering these attacks by using their own research skills and learning
about the evidence using investigative techniques, indisputable science,
first hand eyewitness accounts, alternative media resources, common
sense, logic and reasoning. These individuals are discovering that they
were not given the truth about what happened on 9/11/01. Many of these
informed individuals are now making it their moral responsibility to inform
the public of the evidence they discovered that contradicts the official
account given by our executive branch, other departments within our
city/state/federal government, military leaders, intelligence agencies and
the mainstream media. Discovering the truth and taking the appropriate
action to that discovered truth will rid the world of evil.

Written By:  Matthew
Naus                                                                                        Founder: Take A
Stand For 9/11 Truth
Shanksville, PA
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Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2011 15:38:01 -0500
To: Alan Miller
From: Eric Larsen
Cc: Dr. Steven Jones, Dr. James Fetzer, Richard Gage, Kevin Ryan


I composed this letter almost a year ago but held off sending it in the hopes that, by waiting, I
could send it on the occasion of the publication of Dr. Wood's book, Where Did the Towers Go?
(http://wheredidthetowersgo.com/) That occasion has now arrived at last. Dr. Wood's book has
been published and is now available to readers the world around, making this the real moment
of truth. The question now, for every person in any way associated with the 9/11 movement, is
whether that person is in fact interested in exposing the truth or, on the other hand, in continuing
to cover it up. The publication of Dr. Wood's book is a momentous event, an event of
incalculable importance to the entire world. It is time, now, for me to send you this letter.
                         Eric Larsen
                         February 17, 2011

March 1, 2010

Dear Alan Miller,

I've noticed that Dr. Judy Wood isn't any longer listed or cited on "Patriots Question 9/11." Why
is this?  I know that earlier she was on the list of professors as well as the list of engineers.
What happened?

In my own view, Dr. Wood's being omitted is like dropping Shakespeare from an anthology of
Elizabethan literature. Alone among the most highly visible of 9/11 analysts, Dr. Wood is the one
truth-seeker who sticks precisely and only with one thing, and that one thing is the truth about
what physically happened on 9/11 insofar as it can be known through the scientific study of
all-not some, but all-of the available empirical, observable evidence that pertains solely to the
"what" of what happened on that day. Dr. Wood purposely stays clear of any forays into politics,
innuendo, guesswork, or supposition. She will have nothing whatsoever to do with the question
of "who 'did' it." That question, in her view, is meaningless until the scientifically true "what" of
what happened is known. This "what" is what she sets out-successfully-to show. That is, she
does not say that "9/11 was an inside job" because that fact has not been scientifically
established. Her focus is solely on the empirical, measurable, and observable study of evidence
of any relevant kind-from analysis, measurement, and study of the "remains" of the WTC
buildings through analysis of the seismic record of that day's events, study of anomalies in the
earth's magnetic field at the times of the destructions, and even study of the field effects of the
massive hurricane off the east coast of the U.S. on that day (and especially of that storm's field
effects in relation to the enormous high pressure cell that was simultaneously approaching NYC
from the west).

Dr. Wood's study, research, and analysis reveal, among many other things, that the WTC
buildings did not collapse, explode, or implode, but that they DISAPPEARED into dust.
Multitudes of evidence prove her case, but that hasn't kept 9/11 pseudo-truth seekers from
ridiculing her by smear, innuendo, name-calling, neglect, and disinformation in whatever ways
they are able. With courage, strength, and a scientifically-based factuality, Dr. Wood has
experienced more malicious contumely, more smears and fraudulent attacks than any other
single member of the scientific, political, philosophical, or historical 9/11 truth-seeking
community. Yet Dr. Wood has continued to stand up for the truth. Those who "choose" not to
accept the evidence-based conclusions of Dr. Wood's studies, or who, perhaps, are either afraid
OR "afraid" to accept them, take the fool's option of ridiculing them, or, equally often, of most,
most blatantly ignoring both those results AND Dr. Wood's efforts in determining them. The 9/11
truth community greeted Dr. Wood's Request for Corrections (RFC) to NIST (March 16, 2007)
with scorn, despite her being the first person to confront NIST formally about their fraudulent
report of the demise of the WTC towers. It was as if the fraud of the NIST report, a report whose
integrity was absolutely essential if the official story were to be undergirded, was of no real
interest to the wider 9/11 community.

Dr. Wood's federal qui tam case, filed 4/25/2007 against the contractors of the National Institute
of Standards and Technology (NIST) for science fraud also received virtually no notice or
indication of interest other than ridicule from the 9/11 truth community. Again, it was as if the
federal case being brought by Dr. Wood against the NIST contractors for science fraud (in its
Congressionally-mandated task that it determine how and why the WTC buildings were
destroyed)-as if this entire and absolutely central question was of no real interest to the wider
9/11 truth community. That case, further, was itself improperly dismissed as those hearing it
treated the case-incorrectly-as if it paralleled the views of the general 9/11 truth movement.
Those determining whether the case would be allowed to go forward incorrectly assumed, for
example, that Dr. Wood (a) blamed the US military (which she does not); (b) they incorrectly
assumed that Dr. Wood held the view that there was "substantial evidence that all three
buildings collapsed from explosive devices" and that this view was "at the heart of the Wood. . .
litigation." (entirely incorrect); and (c) they incorrectly assumed that Dr. Wood claimed "that the
towers were struck by high powered energy beams [from space]" (things that are not in any way
her position). All of these issues were addressed, although to no avail, in the Motion for
Reconsideration: http://www.drjudywood.com/articles/NIST/Wood_motion_reconsider.shtml

And now the case-due who knows how much to the ridicule and lack of support from the truth
community-has been denied a Writ of a Certiorari by the United States Supreme Court, meaning
that the Court will not hear it or allow the factual evidence to be presented in a courtroom, and
therefore that the case is dead. How can it be that this is not seen by the 9/11 truth community
as an exceedingly enormous defeat? Yet virtually no mention whatsoever of the Supreme
Court's rejection of the case has been forthcoming. It causes me to question the entire purpose
of the "9/11 truth movement" (as well as the purpose of your Patriots Question 9/11 website).
Anyone who read the document submitted to the United States Supreme Court (available on Dr.
Wood's website) should be appalled by what has taken place. The Court of Appeals essentially
stated in a footnote of its written decision that it knew that the law applied to Dr. Wood's case,
but that the court was ignoring the law in order to dismiss her case.

In fact, the evidence of science fraud submitted by Dr. Wood is irrefutable. NIST itself admitted
to Dr. Wood that its report was a fraud. And not one of the contractors hired by NIST denied her
allegations. Then the Court of Appeals ignored the law in order to dismiss the case. What could
conceivably explain the lack of interest or response by the 9/11 community? This travesty of
justice, the unfounded and prejudicial derailing of Dr. Wood's case, should be of significant
concern to the entire constitutional republic. If laws are ignored for ease of dismissing cases,
then we are no longer living in a constitutional republic. We are living no longer in a republic of
laws, but in a state where factions of any kind can usurp power through ignoring or pre-empting
laws, however ancient they may be, or however firmly embedded in the nation's founding

Dr. Wood filed her federal qui tam case in April 2007. Since that time the "9/11 truth movement"
has grown, with your own Patriots Question 9/11 website now reporting "1,060+ Engineers and
Architects." Especially in light of the collection of so many engineers and architects, I find it
troubling that, to this day, Dr. Wood is the only engineer, architect, or person of any profession
to have filed a federal qui tam case challenging the science fraud in NIST's report of what
destroyed the WTC towers. Those who truly wanted "a new and independent investigation" into
what caused the destruction of the WTC should have enthusiastically supported what she did.
Such as federal case as she attempted to bring WOULD ITSELF HAVE RESULTED IN a new
investigation. There it was, a genuine opportunity for achieving what so many people have been
claiming all along to want above all. But now the opportunity has been destroyed by the
essentially unaccountable court system as well as the lack of interest in accountability by the so
called "truth movement." All those who scorned Dr. Wood's work and failed so notably to support
her qui tam case may have done so at the expense of this nation.

Wood sacrificed her career when she spoke out about 9/11. But instead of praising her heroism,
many in the "official-truth movement" have accused her of being an agent or "COINTELPRO" or
disinformation agent. Such accusations can easily be dispelled by noting that it is a crime to
defraud the government and it is treason if done so by a government agent (see the
Smith-Mundt Act). A government agent submitting disinformation to another government agency
would amount to the government attacking itself in a psychological operation. Perhaps this
explains why no one has submitted "thermite evidence" to NIST. Perhaps this explains why no
one has submitted "thermite evidence" in a federal qui tam case.

Along these same lines, it is powerfully notable that only after the Supreme Court denied the
case in which Dr. Wood included as evidence the aerial photographs of the towers being
destroyed on 9/11 were these photographs "newly released" with the claim that they had never
before been seen. In truth, not only were they a part both of Dr. Wood's RFC and her qui tam
case, and not only had they already been posted on her web site for FOUR YEARS, but when
she prepared the legal documents in early 2007, she gave the images to Jim Fetzer to be used
for a photo section in his book-only to have him give credit for them not to Dr. Wood herself but
to someone else. An even worse example of the distortion the "truth movement" is capable of,
Dr. Fetzer, with the "new" release of the aerial images, treated them publically as images being
seen by him for the first time.

I have never met Dr. Wood, but I have been aware of her work and have corresponded with her
for many years. For the past six of those years, she has been working on a book, due out this
year, that will present her work and its results in totality. I know the book very well, since-in
consideration of my qualifications as essayist, writer, novelist and author, retired professor of
writing, publisher, editor, and 9/11 truth-seeker myself-I have edited it in its entirety two times,
once chapter by chapter and then again when the book was pulled together into its entirety. In
my own view, Dr. Wood's book will prove, in a great number of ways, to be very possibly the
most important book yet to have been published in the 21st century.

So strongly do I feel about the extraordinary importance of Dr. Wood's research, and about its
incalculable superiority to the research-and the "conclusions"-of any and all others in the 9/11
truth movement, that if she isn't reinstated on the "Patriots for 9/11 Truth" site in
acknowledgment of what she has done for this country, I will ask you-and in fact ask you here
and now, should Dr. Wood not be reinstated-also to remove me, my picture, my biography, and
my 9/11-related comments from the site entirely. Those who do not support Dr. Wood's work are
not patriots. It may be concluded that those who do not support Dr. Wood's work have an
unpatriotic agenda that I do not want to be associated with.

My best to you, and my gratitude for your attention,

                         Eric Larsen
June 29th, 2012
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